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E42 Michael Boran: Photographer


In this episode it was my pleasure to be joined by photographer Michael Boran. We met in Dublin’s Kevin Kavanagh gallery to look at, and discuss, Michael’s latest solo exhibition, Through The Undergrowth. I was worried that talking about photographs might prove to be as difficult as bicycling about philosophy but luckily for all of us Michael is as good at painting images with words as he is at capturing them with his camera.

This episode is divided into two parts. In the first section myself and Michael walk the main gallery floor discussing some of the photos in his exhibition; their genesis, technique, execution, editing etc. In the second part we sit down to discuss Michael’s career and work in more general terms, from his early experiences in an amateur camera club to his current list of advice to himself!

Enjoy the episode. Dave.

Check out Michael's blog here.
Check out his page on the Kevin Kavanagh gallery site here.

Minimalism: Excerpt from “Everything That Remains.”


I’m currently reading the excellent Everything That Remains by The Minimalists. In it, Joshua Fields Millburn describes his journey to the minimalist lifestyle with occasional acerbic interruptions by Ryan Nicodemus, JFM’s partner in pared-back living. Below is an excerpt from the memoir in which JFM describes his relationship to consumerism and his growing awareness that minimalism is more than just spring cleaning, it’s life cleansing.

"Understand, every moth is drawn to light, even when that light is a flame, hot and burning, flickering, the fire tantalising the drab creature with it's blueish-white illumination. But when the moth flies too close to the flame, we all know what happens: it gets burned, incinerated by the very thing that drew it near. For decades now, I have played the role of the moth, lured by the flame of consumerism, pop culture's beautiful conflagration, a firestorm of lust and greed and wanting, a haunting desire to consume that which cannot be consumed, to be fulfilled by that which can never be fulfilling. A vacant proposition, leaving me empty inside, which further fuels my desire to consume. Accepting the flame for what it is, then, is important: it is necessary and beautiful and, most of all, dangerous. Realising this, becoming aware of the danger, is difficult to do. But this is how we wake up."

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E26 Ruairi McKiernan on Travelling, Fear, Mindfulness, & Embracing Uncertainty.

Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 12.54.57https://inspirelandpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/mckiernan.mp3

In episode 26 it was my pleasure to sit down with Ruairi McKiernan. Ruairi is a social innovator, leader, writer, speaker, and member of Ireland’s Council of State.

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Short Tale From A 5-9 #microadventure

Bray Head1


This short post about our first official #microadventure was written by Damien Ward.
You can find out more about the whole #microadventure idea, including Alastair Humphrey's TED talk, by clicking here.

I set off for Tara Street station with a feeling of mild trepidation and my internal monologue running riot: ‘What exactly have I agreed to do?’; ‘Who else is going?’; ‘Wouldn’t I be better off at home watching Game Of Thrones?!?

I meet Dave and Steve and we head for Bray, picking up Mikey on the pier. Our leader in chief, Mr. Curran, sets a sprightly pace on the steep climb. The views at the top make my now sweat soaked body worthwhile – it’s a beautiful sunny evening and we can see for miles.  We spot a nice area to set up camp. Up go the tents.  A mound of firewood is collected. A bottle of Paddy is passed around. Not for the first time one of our party wonders out loud at the ease of it all.

Bray Head 4


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