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Recommendations: Dara O’ Kearney

If you haven't listened to my conversation with Dara yet you can check it out here. Below is a compilation of the stuff Dara recommended at the end of the show. Dave

Films: Rounders

The first of Dara’s film picks was the classic Rounders (1998) by John Dahl. Here’s the great scene of the final hand with the equally great John Malkovich. ***SPOILER ALERT***

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E50 Dara O Kearney: Poker Pro


In this episode I was delighted to be joined in the studio by professional Irish poker player, Dara O’Kearney. Dara, or Doke as he’s known in the poker world, gave a wide ranging and fascinating interview that’s definitely one of my favourites to date. At 1.5 hours it’s one of the longest chats I’ve had but I hope you’ll agree it’s one of the best! ¬†Enjoy, Dave.

Some of the stuff we chatted about;

  1. Dara’s late entry and rapid ascension in the professional poker world.
  2. His experience as an ultra runner, including representing Ireland, and completing a 24 hour race.
  3. We chat about the psychology of endurance based high-performance.
  4. Dara became online friends with Bowie in the 1990s, a friendship initiated by Dara’s online criticism of Bowie’s online project.
  5. We discussed Dara’s experience in dealing with his son’s autism.
You can check out Dara's excellent blog here, as he says in the interview it's mostly poker geekery but his more accessible articles dominate his most read list on the right of the page.

Follow Dara on twitter here.