Dragana Jurisic: A Bird In The Head

This audio-slideshow appears courtesy of online culture magazine, where it first appeared.  It is by Deirdre Mulrooney [], co-founder and editor of

Photographer Dragana Jurisic is my next guest.  Here’s a small teaser of what she’s about.  Come back on Wednesday for our full interview, episode notes etc.

Headspace: How it works

It was my great pleasure to interview the co-founder of headspace, Andy Puddicombe (listen here).

Headspace is a brilliant way to introduce yourself to meditation and mindfulness.  They have a great youtube channel but here’s 3 of their  videos to give you a flavour of why you should meditate and what benefits you can reasonably expect from taking 10 mins a day to sit.



Magic Mushrooms and the Healing Trip

This is a beautiful little video from the New Yorker about the positive effects Psilocybin can have on people going through psychological or existential trauma.

Michael Pollan followed one of the NYU’s Psilocybin Cancer research participants, Eddie Maritz, as he underwent the treatment and described his experience.

Alan Watts, where’ve you been all my life?

When I was showing a fella I work with last week the Pale Blue Dot video by Sagan I posted here  he asked me if I’d ever heard of Alan Watts.  I hadn’t.  That was 2 days ago.  I watched this video and am now so charmed that I’ve listened, read, and watched lots of Watts since.  I feel an obsession coming on.

Alan Watts, where’ve you been all my life?

Carl Sagan: The Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan’s famous Pale Blue Dot speech from the original Cosmos series is one of my favourite pieces of philosophy.  It’s a reminder, a warning, a humbling piece of advice, a life perspective, and a sincere plea to all of us.

This version is the original.  The artwork on the header image is from a brilliant comic strip version of the speech by Zen Pencils.